Driving ambitious clean energy policy in  the United States,
China, and globally through world-class research,
leadership training, and outreach.

Policies and actions that support achievement of China’s current Paris Agreement goals—and which increase the ambition of China’s commitments in the future—need to be fundamentally based on scientific research, including best practices and case studies from around the world. Tsinghua University, UC Berkeley, and Berkeley Lab are three of the world’s preeminent institutions undertaking research in the area of China’s energy and climate change policy. 


Conducting policy-relevant research to understand China’s unique and interrelated challenges of development, energy, and environment.

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Training the next generation of influential Chinese thinkers and policy makers to turn research-based recommendations, best practices, and case studies into impactful policies and programs.

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Conducting targeted outreach activities to key Chinese decision makers to share research results, best practices, and case studies on clean energy and climate change mitigation.

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