The Berkeley-Tsinghua Joint Research Center on Energy and Climate Change (BTJRC) is collaborating with key Chinese decision makers to share research results, best practices, and case studies on clean energy and climate change mitigation. The BTJRC works to ensure that decision makers at the highest levels of China’s government have robust knowledge of the most cutting-edge, innovative policies and programs.  We primarily conduct these activities through two main venues: the semi-annual Berkeley-Tsinghua Energy Forum, and periodic Policy Briefings. 


Berkeley-Tsinghua Energy Forum

This semi-annual forum, held at Tsinghua University, provides a venue for researchers from the three participating institutions (Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley, and Tsinghua University), as well as guests from other research institutions, government agencies, and foundations, to discuss key energy-related issues. 

Policy Briefings

In addition to the Energy Forum, the BTJRC also participates in periodic policy briefings and workshops on emerging research and best practices on policy and technology solutions.