The BTJRC is pleased to host research scholars and students from the United States and China to conduct projects at Berkeley Lab that support China's sustainable energy goals. Our scholars include researchers from Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley, and Tsinghua University, as well as experts and investigators from other institutions representing a wide range of disciplines.


Nikit Abhyankar, Berkeley Lab

Dr. Nikit Abhyankar is a Senior Scientific Engineering Associate in the International Energy Studies Group at Berkeley Lab. He conducts research and policy analysis on a range of key energy issues in the developing country context, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and power sector reforms and regulation. He currently leads the International Energy Studies Group’s work on the Indian power sector.


Wei Feng, Berkeley Lab

Wei Feng is a Sr. Scientific Engineering Associate in Berkeley Lab's China Energy Group. His research focuses on building energy efficiency, building energy simulation, distributed energy system in buildings and communities, building codes and standards.


David Fridley, Berkeley Lab

David Fridley is a staff scientist in Berkeley Lab's China Energy Group where his research involves extensive collaboration with the Chinese on end-use energy efficiency, industrial energy use, government energy management programs, data compilation and analysis, medium and long term energy policy research. 


Gang He, Stony Brook University

Gang He is a Visiting Faculty Affiliate with Berkeley Lab's China Energy Group, and an Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University's Department of Technology and Society. His work focuses on energy modeling, energy economics, energy and climate policy, and other interdisciplinary aspects of global climate change and the development of lower-carbon energy sources. 


Fritz Kahrl, Energy + Environmental Economics (E3)

Dr. Fritz Kahrl oversees E3's research program and leads its international work on emerging electricity sector challenges in China, India, Europe, and Africa. His extensive expertise includes work on renewable energy integration, resource planning, energy systems modeling, electricity market design, regulatory economics, greenhouse gas accounting, and economic impact analysis. 


Nina Khanna, Berkeley Lab

Nina Zheng Khanna is a Senior Scientific Engineering Associate in Berkeley Lab's China Energy Group. Since 2007, she has been working on China's appliance efficiency standards and labeling programs, building energy efficiency, bottom-up energy end-use modeling, low carbon cities development, and energy supply and energy policy analysis.


Xu Liu, Berkeley Lab

Xu Liu is a Scientific Engineering Associate in Berkeley Lab's China Energy Group. Her recent research focuses on energy efficiency improvement and low carbon development in China. Prior to joining Berkeley Lab, Angela worked at Resources for the Future as a research assistant in Washington DC, where she assessed the design of three carbon trading pilots in China.


Amol Phadke, Berkeley Lab

Dr. Amol Phadke is a Scientist and Group Leader of Berkeley Lab's International Energy Studies Group. His research and technical support activities broadly focus on energy technology, economics, markets, and regulation. Currently, his work is focused on energy in the India power sector and appliance and equipment efficiency in several emerging economies. 


David Roland-Holst, UC Berkeley

David Roland-Holst is adjunct professor of agricultural and resource economics in the College of Natural Resources at the University of California, Berkeley. He is an expert on the Chinese economy, international development, and environmental economics.


Bo Shen, Berkeley Lab

Dr. Bo Shen is a Energy/Environmental Policy Research Scientist/Engineer in Berkeley Lab's China Group. His current work involves extensive collaboration with Chinese partners on improving China’s energy use through the design of enabling policies, reduction of industrial energy intensity, and the implementation of demand-side management programs.


Froylan Sifuentes, UC Berkeley

Froylan Sifuentes is a postdoctoral scholar at UC Berkeley working on electric system modeling and greenhouse gas mitigation strategies. Froy earned his PhD from UC Berkeley's Energy and Resources Group and his BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT. He has previously worked as a researcher at Tsinghua University and the State Grid Electricity Research Institute in Beijing, China. 


Cecilia Springer, UC Berkeley

Cecilia is an MS/PhD stu­dent with UC Berkeley's Energy and Resources Group. Her research focuses on industrial supply chains and energy efficiency technologies in China. As a Fulbright Fellow, she researched eco-cities and green urban development in Tian­jin, China., and she has also worked for a policy consulting firm in Wash­ing­ton, DC on international cli­mate, energy, and agricultural pol­icy.


Max Wei, Berkeley Lab

Max Wei is a Program Manager in the Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division at Berkeley Lab. Max has expertise in the areas of techno-economic analysis and life-cycle cost analysis of existing and emerging technology applications; manufacturing cost analysis and total cost of ownership modeling of existing and emerging energy technologies; and modeling future energy systems and scenarios.


Jingjing Zhang, Berkeley Lab

Jingjing Zhang is a Postdoctoral Fellow with Berkeley Lab's China Energy Group. Her current work involves topics of urban sustainability transition and future low-emission pathways, as well as long-term energy-water nexus assessment and policy work.


Nan Zhou, Berkeley Lab

Nan Zhou is a Staff Scientist and Group Leader of Berkeley Lab's China Energy Group. Dr. Zhou is also the Director of the U.S.-China Clean Energy Center-Building Energy Efficiency (CERC-BEE).  Dr. Zhou’s work assists the Chinese government in connecting high level policy goals—including energy security, economic growth, and equity—with changes in energy investment, supply, and efficiency.